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Packing has been the need of man from early on time for storing moving preserve foods goods products... The earliest time people made the packets from animal skins large leaves vegetables to keep their food clean and fresh. In the war time iron steel can was invented to keep food safe for soldiers. In daily life lots of materials were put in use paper glass wooden to corn aluminum... With the dramatic innovation of technology the interaction between people from place to place different countries increase and demand of trading rises day by day packaging in a most convenience way is important and vital. Plastic bag has been invented to meet that demand as a great ​Plastic T-shirt Bag Making Machine solution. So how plastic material bags are produced?

Plastic material provides a by-product of oil refining and uses only 4 of the total worlds oil development. It is a biogeochemical manipulation of certain properties of oil into polymers that behave plastically. Vinyl polymers are created into 5 main types which plastic bags are made of what kind known as Polyethylene. From polyethylene resins are produced and come straight into plastic hand bags production.

With special types such as food vinyl bags shopper plastic luggage luxurious plastic bags for famous brand names as soft loop plastic cope with bags rigid plastic deal with bags drawstring plastic deal with bags trifold plastic take care of bags wave top plastic material handle bags etc 75 virgin resins are utilized to help make the best quality bags strong clean and nice appearance. Clients also require other film colours of plastic carriers blue green orange yellowish red... to make the bags look various and impressive. ​Plastic T-shirt Bag Making Machine For this reason , manufacturers will add masterbatches colour resins to change from translucent to the specific shades. If customers need the bags at cheaper prices manufacturers will put few % of additive materials such as CaCO3 calcium mineral carbonate or and reuse materials to reduce handbag cost. As of this case sometimes manufacturers will add an additive called impact transformer to make bags strong. When customers require plastic material bags which is often destroyed easily in lands vendors must mix biodegradable additives as EPI or DW2 with quantity a couple of when extruding.

The 1st process is blowing film or called extruding film. Each of the materials will be put into extruding machine to make big plastic film spin. In this steps staff or technicians must control the bag rolls into smooth appearance.

The second step is printing process which ​Plastic T-shirt Bag Making Machine is principally used for shopping bags which many companies could customize the printing image using their emblem brand name information about products... When getting instructions with printing image companies will make printing discs printing cylinders to put into printing machines. Photos are analyzed into different colors; each colour will be managed by one worker if the luggage need print many colors or printing images are difficult.