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Support of Olives is a very beautiful place positioned in Jerusalem. [ אורחאן במרכז] This really is a place that many ancient Jews chose for their last resting place. Their body would be in an area packed with olive forest that signify strength and peace. There are also lovely mountains and other types of trees that complete the overall landscaping design. It is indeed a very beautiful location. Generally there are even entries the Bible that refer to the Mount of Olives offering it a very spiritual as well as historical meaning.

For than 150000 Jews are thought to have been hidden at Mount of Olives. Higher than a third of them were destroyed in the 1960s when this land was invaded and manipulated by Jordan. The tombstones were used to build roads and supplies for the military troops. That is believed tombstones that marked early figures in the history of Jerusalem were destroyed. Therefore a great deal of the history of Mount of Olives was lost.

The location has been remanufactured and as many tombstones [ יינות בוטיק] as it can be replaced. It has also been made available again for more people to be buried there as they really want. Generally there are references to very famous people in the Jewish society who have been buried at the Mount of Olives. A few of them were removed because of the earlier mentioned activities. Yet they are really still privileged as being buried at that location.

In 1992 Menahem Begin who was the best minister of Jerusalem was buried there. Right now there are some references to early tombstones of Rabbis from the 1800s. To get many in the services of Churches the last way to honor them for their contribution to society is to be buried at the Support of Olives. Many households want to have everyone buried there so that they will all find peace together for their eternal rest.

There are numerous [ חאן במרכז ] sources to the Mount of Olives still on our society today. For people who read the Bible finding such entries is a prompt of the freedom to fight for peace that we have been given. There are also referrals in books quotes and beautiful paintings that disclose the serenity and beauty that the Mount of Olives continues to offer.