Участник:Olesya Burenko

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Hello, my name is Olesya Burenko, I am twenty two years old. I graduated from the high school in 2011, and I entered the Russian State Social University, my specialization was journalism. While I was studying in this university I understood that its quality doesn't satisfy me, so I decided to continue my education at another university. My further education after the first course continued at the Institution of Journalism and Literature. I really enjoyed the studying. And I wrote a novel as a graduate thesis. And the examination board said that it was a masterpiece. While I was the third year student I started working. My first job was at the Moscow Zoo. We had been working for only three weeks and we were looking for the people not to disturb animals. Personally I was taking care of the sea lion. My second job was "Truexit". It's a company specializing on adventure games. I managed the two kinds of location, which called "Morgue" and "Jumanji". Four days after the graduation I applied for the job in the "Robot's ball". It was exhibition with different types of robots and other sophisticated technological inventions. I hosted an arrangement for three hundred people. And I even had a business trip to the Republic of Dagestan, which was very exciting for me. I had been working for that company for one year and then I came to a conclusion that I have to go further. I found the next occupation rather quickly. It was a casting agency called "EasyCast". It was an invaluable and interesting experience for me, cause now I have a knack for the media industry, I know a lot of people in that sphere and I got the hand of a variety of skills which were unavailable for me before. My duties were like: I pick up people for different scenes. For each role our customer did some kind of description and my task was to find a model, an actor or even an animal according to this description. Sometimes it was really hard, also because the budget and and time had always been limited. I used to work at night or more than twelve or even eighteen hours, but I, eventually, suppose that it worth doing. And, of course, I could not but mention about my further education at the Moscow City University and my specialization is philology, and I really enjoy my studying. This year I will graduate and become a philologist, so I will a chance to try hand in a new sphere.