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Quicken has been widely used to manage personal or business finances. It can help you track the income or expenses, manage credit card transactions, or maintain your banking accounts in a single platform. However, sometimes the user gets scared due to [duplicate transactions in Quicken] which may have occurred while deactivating and reactivating the Quicken account. The other reason causing duplicate transactions is your financial institution has made some changes in the financial institution transaction ID (FITID) in your direct connect account. Whenever you reactivate your Quicken account, the software asks you to add, ignore, or link the banking accounts. If you have opted for the additional option then it will create duplicate accounts and transactions. Hence while deactivating or reactivating the Quicken account you must follow the specific set of instructions suggested by Quicken experts. Non-adherence may lead to several errors such as duplicate transactions. Don’t wait for the issue to get more complex. Contact the experts now. https://www.quickensupporthelpnumber.com/blog/quicken-downloads-duplicate-transactions/