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My personal work with children has made me alert to the wonder of understanding todays children as well as to the advantages of a great enlargement within our Распаковка way of pondering about them. Great openmindedness is necessary more than ever before and it has been quite shocking to see how not enough many of the traditional teachings and methods of child psychology prove to be.

All children in whose souls choose to incarnate at this very special time on Earth are to be honored for their choice. It is something to decide to experience the Earths elevation as a human adult and another to experience it since a child. More souls are incarnating now after Earth from a greater variety of backgrounds than ever before. I am quite careful not to use any conditions such as special children which would discriminate children into the mentally superior and the... also well ordinary. Many children have suffered with simple or not so delicate prejudice. The last thing they need is psychic older people who send unseen preference vibes for the marveled crystal ones as compared to the... oh well ordinary mud kids...

The aim of this article is one of openmindedness. Thanks to todays children we are put in a position to question many of our considered for granted assumptions about our human behavior. This kind of article also aims to cultivate acceptance and humbleness. These qualities are necessary when dealing with children who could have very religious reasons for behaviors which seem to be inexplicable or even negative.

Many children today are souls associated with other planets and are incarnating on Earth for the first time. My personal understanding is that the planets of origin are of very great variety. They involve civilizations at many different stages of evolution. Some are more evolved spiritually others aren't. Some are involved in some areas but not in other areas. The probabilities for valuable lessons both ways are immense. These kinds of children have come to teach us nevertheless they have also come to learn from us. Many of these children soultravel at night back to their planet of origin swapping information. This is why many star children may find sleep difficult demanding or unsatisfactory.

As the backgrounds of star children are varied so the particular areas of variation on Earth may be difficult. Some children whoever planet of origin got little physical light though there were other gets a gut feeling involved might have difficulty with bright lights or fastmoving images like TV. Игрушки Different children might have extreme threshold or intolerance to hotness or coldness. Some show a high degree of technical insight and may even draw images of spacecrafts and vehicles that they can have never seen. A lot of are highly telepathic. In the event in their planet of origin communication was mainly telepathic some may be unwilling to communicate by speaking even apparently have conversation difficulties. The toddler may find herself persistently dreaming to eat stones from the beginning if this is the way they were feeding themselves in their parent planet. This kind of is not to feature each and every difficulty in our child to being an extraterrestrial simply to be aware that there may be more in back of the apparent and that there might be other reasons in back of behaviors judged as difficult.

One very startling example for me was of a little boy of 2 whose kind yet bewildered parents were in despair about his chaotic screaming tantrums. Of course the age of two appears to go hand in hand with tantrums but are all tantrums the same It was immediately evident to me that the child originated in another planet though I couldnt tell his parents this. After questions and a few statement I noticed that the kid had a particular insistence that if he or his parent had said something it had to be done regardless of what. In the event that for example the dad said Oh it is going to rain we wont go out and then later corrected This is not raining let us venture out the child would throw a wonderful tantrum anxiously screaming It will storm it is going to rain it will water say it is heading to rain. This was very confusing to the fogeys as they recognized he loved to go out. They interpreted it as irrational wilfulness that he just wants to get his own way. But what I observed was neither wilfulness neither power struggles. It was anxiety. Your child was getting very anxious when one thing was said and another was done. I could see that in his planet of origin they very rarely spoke. Yet when they did they only spoke after detailed thought and they would always accomplish what was said. In his globe there was very great coherence between word and act. We on Ground have something to learn from this dont we There was no gossip frivolous talk in his planet they would always walk their talk. In the other hand it also tended to be a little inflexible too. So the child who finds himself in a place where opinions are said and then thoughts change becomes very restless. The most effective way to help the child was to let him know with as much love and honesty as possible конкурс My spouse and i know we said it is going to water but we humans sometimes say things that never happen. It is OKAY to change minds sometimes it is not the conclusion of the world though we will endeavour to be careful before stating things. The child would then learn a major lesson overall flexibility in change of plans which this individual could then take back again to his planet of origin. What s more we humans may also learn the lesson of modest thoughtfulness before uttering speculations about future events and actions.