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Hublot Kylian Mbappé visits Hublot Watch Factory

World Champion KylianMbappé visited the Hublot watch factory in Nyon.Richard Mille RM 007 diamond

Football stars, Hublot's ambassadors and watch lovers visited the workshop of the watch factory to discover the manufacturing technology of Hublot. There has been a strong interest in the manufacture, design and assembly of watches, and the star football player can learn the secret behind the Hublot model directly from the watchmakers. Kylian Mbappé's enthusiasm for watchmaking also made him acquainted with Hublot's employees and witnessed the expertise needed to ensure the efficient operation of watchmaking.

“Over the years, I have been passionate about watchmaking,” Kylian Mbappé said frankly. "Now, as an ambassador of Hublot, I can't resist the opportunity to delve deeper into the secrets of watchmakers. I am amazed at the Hublot team and its ability to push traditional expertise to the future with cutting-edge technology. Technology, this is me. A fascinating experience that will never be forgotten!"

Sapphire will turn green after it is made of new transparent material

Big Bang MP-11's green SAXEM achievements are outstanding

A huge investment in the industrialization of sapphire (the most difficult material to produce), the amount required to make its model in multiple colors (transparent, black, yellow, blue and red), and considering the inability to provide in this material Among them, Emerald Green has become a new way for Hublot. Today, the brand is able to shape the case with innovative materials that have never been used in watchmaking, thus taking a new approach to the ultra-technical and modern design of the MP-11 model. SAXEM has a dark green color that can compete with the highest quality emeralds, combining unparalleled resistance with the brilliance of diamonds.Jacob & Co Astronomia Tourbillon Dragon AT112.60.DR.UA.A

With this new Big Bang MP-11, Hublot once again maintains a high level of innovation in terms of technology and aesthetics. By combining the latest materials for high-tech applications (especially satellites) for those seeking to achieve, and combining them with a long-established manufacturing movement, we are changing the face of fusion art. CEO of Ricardo Guadalupe

Hengbao has once again proven its position as an innovation leader by manufacturing MP-11 (after 3D carbon and transparent sapphire) from high-tech materials that have never been used in the case. Its name is SAXEM, such as sapphire aluminum oxide and rare earth minerals. To achieve this unparalleled greenness, transparency and luminosity, the Hublot manufacturer (fusion concept specialist) blends the basic constituents of sapphire with rare earth elements such as th and chromium. The resulting material is both harder than emerald (too soft to process) and more radiant than sapphire. It also has other advantages: there is no tension inside the material to ensure greater stability in forming, while the cubic crystal structure guarantees the same shadow and color strength, no matter how you look from the outer casing. As a result, the fully polished green SAXEM is in stark contrast to the six H-shaped and micro-sprayed black titanium titanium screws on the bezel and the black crown combined with titanium and rubber inserts.replica watches swiss

High performance mechanics With an innovative chassis and excellent motor: the hand-wound skeleton makes the movement, with an excellent two-week power reserve, it excels in the heart of this Big Bang MP-11. Hublot achieved this feat with its unique and spectacular movement structure, which integrates seven barrels connected in series, all with a very reasonable thickness of 10.92 mm.

Another challenge is that in order to transfer energy between the horizontal axis of the barrel and the vertical train used to indicate hour and minute display, the creator uses a system that is very rare in the watchmaking industry: 90 degrees in the middle The wheel passes the "headless screw" type helical gear. In order to ensure that the helical gear can be seen at 10 o'clock, a good aesthetic balance is achieved, the anthracite balance has been moved to the dial side and is symmetrical with 2 points.

The Hublot HUB9011 calibre with 270 parts also stands out for its patented indexing assembly system, silicon escapement and black strip dial. The power reserve is displayed directly on the cylinders on the left side of the seven barrels, facing the words “DAY POWER RESERVE” engraved on the sapphire glass.

The readability of the dials for the hour and minute hands is enhanced, with the hands and highlights highlighted by the green light panel. The anti-reflective sapphire glass and the green SAXEM bezel are eye-catching due to their bulging, which has the shape of a cylindrical barrel, an engineering feat that magnifies the power reserve indicator .

The Big Bang MP-11 on the green SAXEM can be manually tightened by a large, grooved crown with an “endless screw” type relief on the crown, reminiscent of a helical gear, or a racing-inspired Torx printed electric pen. It is fitted with a black rubber strap with a slash that echoes the crown design. This technical and transparent treasure is limited in production. Developed specifically for connoisseurs.http://www.chronosale.co

Big Bang MP-11 SAXEM REFERENCE 911.JG.0129.RX Limited to 20

CASE Polished green SAXEM Diameter: 45 mm Thickness: 14.40 mm Water resistance 3 ATM (30 m)

CASE-BACK Polished green SAXEM engraved with "LIMITED EDITION" XX / 20

BEZEL Polished green SAXEM Six H-shaped polished and micro-sprayed black titanium titanium screws

DIAL Black matt skeleton Black gold-plated applique, green glow

MOVEMENT HUB9011: Manufacture of manual winding skeleton movement, installation of 7 barrels in series, and display of power reserve on the roller Frequency: 4 Hz (28,800 A / h) Power reserve: 14 days Number of parts: 270 Ruby: 39

Belt and buckle Black structural rubber strap Black ceramic and black plated titanium folding clasp

JACOB&CO. ASTROMONIA immaculate stellar magic

Jacobs, which began this year's launch of Astromonia's innocent example, among its founders, MAISON Jacob Abb, and the high-end watchmaking craftsmanship combine the finest jewels of the complex world to showcase the latest creation of astronomical collections. This watch reveals its original pristine beauty, “perfect” not only refers to its appearance, but also is the highest diamond clarity term according to the American Gemological Institute's diamond rating scale. . In order to make the diamond flawless, no inclusions or defects must be visible at 10x magnification.Tudor PELAGOS LHD M25610TNL-0001 Replica Watch

Therefore, flawlessness is the appropriate benchmark for the evolutionary interpretation of Jacob & Co. The large sapphire crystals collected by astronomers have been a consistent design element since the launch of the first astronomical tourbillon in 2014. The transparency case makes the movement of the three-axis gravity tourbillon visible from multiple angles. Last year, Jacob & Co. improved the transparency of the box and the visibility of astronomical complications through the novelty of Baseworld 2016. However, in the spirit of continuous improvement, innocent astronomy has once again increased the transparency of clarity astronomy by introducing the innocent astronomical monolithic sapphire crystal case. The craftsmanship of the monolithic sapphire crystal creates an illusion that the complexities inside the case float in the air effortlessly.

To achieve this, a range of components previously made of precious metals in the series are now made of sapphire crystal: the central part of the single piece and the lugs, the dial (blue sapphire) and even the buckles. These changes have added to the new watch. Considerable complexity, because the production of the middle shell requires 15 separate steps, representing approximately 326 hours of working time. The astronomical model has only 37 weeks of production time for sapphire parts. Therefore, only nine separate numbers of innocent astronomy were produced.

The hand-wound JCAM16 calibre is equipped with a three-axis tourbillon that rotates the earth and the sun with auxiliary hour and minute hands. It has also developed in innocent astronomy. The titanium bridge is painted with a rose gold finish and features a 2.23-carat JacobCut® yellow diamond representing the sun and a 1-carat diamond on the center shaft. The diamond also features 288 Jacob Cut®. Although the dial has the same appearance as other astronomical models, the dial in innocent astronomy is made of sapphire crystal with a blue cloak.best replica watches review

motion Manual, JCAM16 caliber, 367 components, 42 rubies, running for 60 hours Features Hours, minutes, three-axis gravitation box Sapphire, 30 meters size 50 mm Strap rubber