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Rajas could be the energy of fire and love. Rajasic energy is also from the day light hours. We demonstrably need rajasic energy to generate energy to maneuver effectively through-out our society and lives. Go go go, do do do, when we have an excessive amount of rajasic power we may possibly appear to the exterior world as acutely active! Does this sound as you? Maintaining a high amount of rajasic power contributes to burn out! When rajas is going of harmony the body and mind are overstimulated, the mind becomes restless and you go through a great deal of uncontrollable thoughts. Foods that are rajasic includespicy food, fried foods, coffee / caffeinated beverages/ stimulants/ fish, eggs, chocolate, foods that are very bitter, [url=http://ajmalmakan.com/sharjah]sharjah properties for rent [/url] wrong, dry and salty. Eating on the go can also be considered rajasic Tamas may be looked at as the alternative of rajas. Tamasic power is associated with a state of in-activity and inertia, heaviness and darkness. Becomes clouded when tamas is out of balance your power to reason and you might go through the darker feelings including anger or greed. Just like there is more rajasic energy present in daylight hours, tamasic energy is present during nighttime. Individuals who are very tamasic may be depressed or look lazy. Generally dis-ease states are tamasic. Examples of tamasic food includemeat, alcohol, cigarette, onions, fermented foods vinegar or strong cheese, stale food or over ripe food, very processed food or chemically-treated. Overeating is recognized as tamasic. Sattva is energy that is in circumstances of balance and harmony. Good mental and emotional states of intelligence and happiness are related to sattva. An individual who was experiencing lots of sattvic energy would appear happy. Dig up more on our affiliated article.